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Richard Whiteford

CRL Corps, 2007 Nashville, TN

Richard Whiteford is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, climate change specialist, independent journalist, and environmental activist. He teaches current climate science from NOAA, NASA, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the National Academies of Science and the United Nations Environmental Program.

He attended the COP-15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009, the COP-21 Climate Summit in Paris in 2015 and the Climate Action Summit at the United Nations in 2019 as a representative of the World Information Transfer, an NGO at the United Nation where he serves as a board member and climate change adviser.

He has given 331 PowerPoint presentations, to date, about climate change at universities, religious institutions, high schools, academies of sciences, conservation organizations, civic organizations, at the Klimaforum in Copenhagen at the COP-15 Climate Summit and three times at the United Nations’ Annual International Conferences on Health and the Environment. In 2015 Richard gave the keynote presentation about climate change and taught workshops at: ® Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educator’s Conference® Green Allies Conference at Temple University® Pennsylvania Green Colleges Conference.   

He has written over 300 articles for 19 major newspapers, and several magazine and trade journals plus a book called, Wild Pennsylvania for Voyageur Press. He has conducted many newspaper, radio, and television interviews. He is a member of the Climate Reality Project where he assists Al Gore in training thousands of new members. He was formerly employed as Regional Outreach Director for Defenders of Wildlife, The Highlands Coalition, and the National Sierra Club at various stages of his career. He serves on the Climate Resilience Research Agenda, a coalition between Drexel University, NOAA, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, and the City of Philadelphia where he serves on the Regional Climate Change and Cascading Hazards committee.

He received a B.A. in Communications from St. Joseph’s University in 2003.

Richard is a member of The Climate Reality Project: Philadelphia and Southeastern PA Chapter.


  • What are scientists saying our odds are for getting to zero carbon emissions by 2050? *

  • What green technologies are being developed to fight climate change? *

  • What causes climate change, how do we know what's causing climate change, and what do we need to do about it. People who don't understand the issue and want to learn. *

  • What are other world governments doing to fight climate change. **

  • Richard can fashion a talk based on any focus an audience is interest in.


  • * General audience

  • ** Students and general audience

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Richard Whiteford
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