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The climate crisis is so broad and the actions we need to undertake are so big, it can feel hard to know where to begin. But there are so many ways, big and small, that you can make a contribution – from altering your daily habits to working within your community to effecting change on a global level. Hover over the boxes below to learn more.


Individual Action


We're partnering with Graying Green for Earth Day 2020 

and reaching out to youth, parents, and our community!

Graying Green is a simple but effective card game that teaches children about their impact on the environment and the climate. It guides kids through figuring out what they're already doing and what more they could be doing about climate change on an individual basis.

Take Climate Leadership Action

Stay Current:

Did you know that the entire lifecycle of plastics is filled with deeply rooted problems and worse—an entrenched petrochemical industry that refuses to budge?


To raise awareness of the fundamental problems and unaddressed consequences (health, economic, environmental, and climate threats) posed by the entire lifecycle of plastics, The Climate Reality Project is partnering with several regional organizations to host a monthly webinar series called:

“Tackling the A-Z Impacts of Plastic: From Fracked Gas to Plastic Pollution in the Ohio River Valley and Beyond.”


Sign up here for the zoom webinar series. Learn more and join a conversation forum with webinar speakers and participants from across our state and beyond.


Watch the full recording of prior webinars here. 

Speak up:

Write a letter to the editor, op-ed, or blog post about your story and why you take action to protect the planet. 

Speak out:

Contact your local leaders and let them know we cannot put off urgent climate action any longer.


Community Action

Join the Philadelphia and Southeastern PA Chapter of The Climate Reality Project to help effect change in our city, state, and region.   


Join the Climate Reality Leadership Corps


April 22, 2021 - May 2, 2021


Global Action




Join us on Monday, July 20, 2020!



Take action here!

The Climate Reality Project and our Chapter are proud to stand up for Black lives and strike together on July 20th.


We understand that there is no climate justice without racial justice, and we must show the world that movements for justice are in unanimous agreement: Black Lives Matter.


United together, we will work to end systemic racism.

Join us in support of the Movement for Black Lives

Celebrate Juneteenth with us!

Sign the pledge to participate on

Juneteenth weekend,

June 19 - 21, 2020!



On June 19, 1865, Black communities in Texas finally received the news that they were free.

Juneteenth (June 19th) is a day that honors Black freedom and Black resistance, and centers Black people’s unique contribution to the struggle for justice in the U.S.


This Juneteenth is a rare moment for our communities to proclaim in one voice that Black Lives Matter, and that we won’t tolerate anything less than justice for all our people. 

Learn more!

Join the digital Mass Poor People's Assembly and Moral March on Washington on June 20, 2020!

RSVP to join us on

June 20, 2020

at 10am and 6pm!



While hundreds of millions of dollars have been sent to federal, state and local law enforcement during the pandemic, 20 million people still have not received their stimulus checks, 30 million people remain uninsured, 40 million people are unemployed, 50 million people will face hunger in the weeks ahead and 60 million people do not have living wages.


We need transformative change now.

Demand that the recovery from COVID-19 address the systemic depth of this crisis.

Let your congress people know that you demand an end to systemic racism.

Learn more!

Our Climate Reality Chapter is a US Climate Strike Partner, led by Youth Strike Coalition

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The Climate Reality Project: Philadelphia and Southeastern PA Chapter includes members from around the Philadelphia metropolitan area, encompassing the surrounding Pennsylvania counties (Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester); New Jersey counties (Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester); and Delaware counties (New Castle and Salem).


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